Large Quilted Hammock -Sunbrella Cabana Classic

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The cry of a gull passing overhead is sweetest music to a sea-starved soul craving that special serenity that only the ocean can bring. For someone too long landlocked, nothing can replace actual time at the beach – though this lovely quilted hammock makes a fantastic holdover in the meantime!  Sink into the plush, pillowy fabric, and feel weightlessly suspended like a lazy swimmer drifting belly-up atop the salty sea. Stitched from the finest outdoor fabrics, both durable and soft, this pleasing pattern’s serene seaside hues will continue to sooth for many ocean-dreaming seasons to come.

Quality materials. Quality construction.  Quality relaxation. Two layers solution-dyed Sunbrella synthetic fabric lock-stitched over a plush center of polyester fiberfill bating.  Resistant to staining, fading, rot, mildew and mold. Sunbrella rival the softness of cotton.   

Camaru spreader bars and zinc-plated chain and hardware enhance both the looks and durability, with the elevated quality extended even down to how the DuraCord ropes attach. Nickel-plated, rolled-rim grommets with spurred washers surpass the industry's typical telescoping grommet, which consistently rips loose from fabric before the rolled-rim ever will.


  • All-Weather and Solution-Dyed Synthetic Sunbrella® Fabrics are resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.
  • Solution-dyed Sunbrella®, soft as cotton
  • Solid cumaru spreader bars
  • Zinc-plated hanging hardware includes 2 tree hooks
  • Made in the USA
  • Hammock stand and pillow sold separately

Item Specifications

Product dimensions

55” wide x 82” long; 13’ total length

Hanging Distance

Potentially takes up to 15’ if using chains provided


2 people

Fabric Color

Sunbrella Cabana Classic


1 year

Hanging Suggestions

Hammock stand or strong trees

Weight Capacity

450 pounds


Two layers of all-weather, solution-dyed synthetic Sunbrella® and DuraCord®; center layer of polyester fiberfill batting; solid cumaru spreader bars; 3-ply DuraCord® rope; zinc-plated hardware; nickel-plated rolled-rim steel grommets


Assembly Instructions

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